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JBM 06-07-2021 04:28 PM

SecureFX 9 not launching; not starting

Issue: SecureFX 9 is not launching; not starting when we click on the SecureFX 9 application itself or the desktop shortcut link.

Clue to Resolve: SecureFX 9 can only be launched / started from within SecureCRT 9. We can click the SecureFX icon in SecureCRT to launch successfully Secure FX.

Q: How do we fix the SecureFX 9 installation so that SecureFX 9 can launch directly? (Without opening FX from within CRT)

Thank you.

bgagnon 06-07-2021 04:38 PM


Our version numbers are in the form of #.#.#. What is the complete version from (Help menu) / About SecureCRT?

What OS do you have the applications installed on? By desktop shortcut, I will assume Windows, but having the specific OS would be nice. :)

So you installed from the integrated installer (SecureCRT and SecureFX)?

Did you choose for the installer to create the shortcuts when you were installing? Or did you create desktop shortcuts afterwards?

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