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endocine 05-30-2021 11:15 AM

Automatic highlighting on paste from buffer SecureCRT
When something is pasted into secureCRT 9, it gets highlighted, which is strange. Is this a setting that can be disabled, so that text doesn't get highlighted on paste?

berdmann 05-31-2021 11:11 AM

Hi endocine,

I would like some more information regarding the behavior.

What operating system are you running SecureCRT on?

Does this occur regardless of the session that is connected? Or just with one particular remote host?

Can you tell me more about what you are pasting into the remote window?

gregg 06-04-2021 08:51 PM

oh, this is interesting. I noticed it, too, but thought it was just a weird glitch.
i was busy at the time and didn't think much about it as it seemed to be just cosmetic and didn't seem to affect anything. i even pasted it twice and both times it happened, but not since.

pretty sure the paste confirmation/edit window did _not_ pop up, so it was just a single line of text.

i just did some quick tests and can't make it happen again, it may have had more to do what i copied into the clipboard and scrt interpreting it in some way...? i just don't remember, was last week sometime.

my typical usage is pasting via ssh into a bash or vim session on ubuntu or freebsd. sadly, that's not much to go on, but will be more mindful if it happens again.

9.0.2 on win10

berdmann 06-07-2021 08:49 AM

Hi gregg,

That is rather odd! Please keep an eye on it and let us know if you are able to reproduce the behavior moving forward. In that event, the more information that you can provide about the behavior, the better our chances of reproducing it on our end.

gregg 07-29-2021 11:31 PM

I think I finally re-discovered what this was/is (for me).

There are a couple shared accounts I occasionally log into and they have zsh set as their default shell (I typically use bash)

Pasting in zsh shows the pasted text hilighted and is apparently a feature of some "recent" zsh.

So, I'm pretty sure in at least my case, it is this zsh feature and not related to SecureCRT. I don't know how zsh can tell the difference between a paste and smashing the keyboard really fast, but seems to.

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