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johndouglas 12-29-2008 08:44 AM

show typed text as bold

I'm using secureCRT to study for CCNP/IE and also at work to access the live network.

When I'm labbing (and to a lesser extent at work) it would be really useful if everything i typed was highlighted in someway to distinguish it from the router output. Is this possible? I can't imagine it'd be too difficult to implement. If this feature isn't available is there some aesthetic reason for not having this feature? Of course I understand more experienced peeps probably don't need this feature.

Anyways, this is the kind of output i was looking for:


R3#debug ip eigrp 100
IP-EIGRP Route Events debugging is on
R3#debug ip eigrp summary
IP-EIGRP Summary route processing debugging is on
R3#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
R3(config)#router eigrp 100
*Oct  5 17:30:57.811: IP-EIGRP: add_auto_summary: Serial0/1/0 5
*Oct  5 17:30:57.811: IP-EIGRP: find_summary: add new sum: 5
*Oct  5 17:30:57.811: IP-EIGRP: find_summary: add new if: Serial0/1/0 to 5
*Oct  5 17:30:57.811: IP-EIGRP(Default-IP-Routing-Table:100): process_summary: 1

kbarnette 12-29-2008 10:05 AM

Hi johndouglas,

It is not currently possible to configure SecureCRT to display text you have typed in a different text scheme than other text received from the remote.

It may be important to note that SecureCRT does not know the difference between what a user types and what the remote is sending since, when a user types characters they are sent to the remote, and the remote echoes back what it will.

In any event, I have added your comments to a feature request regarding such a capability in SecureCRT. In the event that a future release of SecureCRT is made available in which this feature has been implemented, we will post to this forum thread.
If you would like to be contacted personally, feel free to send us a note with your request and include a reference to this forum thread (3369).

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