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jdev 06-18-2020 11:09 AM

How-To: Include and Embed Images in a Forum Posting
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This article describes the approved way to include graphics in your forum postings here.

Please do not reference graphics that you've uploaded to a non-VanDyke website.

Please follow these steps to include graphics in your postings here at

  1. Delete any existing [IMG] attempts you've included in the message you're currently composing, if any link to external (non-VanDyke Software) websites.

  2. Scroll down below the main forum post edit/composition area, and press the Manage Attachments button.
    1. If you do not see the Manage Attachments button, you must first press the Go Advanced button to switch from basic editing mode to the more capable (advanced) editing mode.

  3. Press the Browse... button and locate the graphic you desire to include in your forum posting.
    1. A file browser window will appear.
    2. Navigate to the graphic you would like to include and submit it.
    3. You should now see the path to the graphic listed to the left of the Browse... button.
    4. Repeat this step for each graphic you desire to include.

  4. Press the Upload button and your graphics will be uploaded to the forum server.

  5. When the upload is complete, the Manage Attachments window will update to show you a list of current attachments.
    To embed a graphic within your forum posting, right-click on the link for the desire graphic and copy the link/shortcut to the clipboard.

  6. Click on the Image button in the advanced forum post edit/composition area and paste the URL you copied to the clipboard moments earlier.
The following graphic depicts the overall process described above.

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