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Maureen 04-14-2006 10:59 AM

Important information for upgrading from AbsoluteFTP to SecureFX
The following steps describe how to migrate your FTP sessions from AbsoluteFTP to SecureFX 3.x.
  1. Copy the configuration files for AbsoluteFTP into a new folder. These files are called AbsoluteFTP.idx and AbsoluteFTP.dat. The location of these files can be found in AbsoluteFTP by selecting "Session Database Location" from the Options menu inside AbsoluteFTP.
  2. Once copied into the new folder, rename the files to SecureFX.idx and SecureFX.dat.
  3. Change the configuration of SecureFX so that it uses this new folder with the newly renamed files as its configuration folder. This can be done by starting SecureFX and browsing to that folder's location in the "Configuration folder" data field on the "General" category of the Global Options dialog.
SecureFX will need to be closed and reopened for this change to take affect. When it reopens, a migration wizard will be started that will convert these settings into the new format used by SecureFX 3.x.

We apologize for the inconvenience and are updating SecureFX so that it will be able to automatically migrate settings from AbsoluteFTP. If you are planning to upgrade and would prefer to wait, SecureFX 3.1.1 is expected to be released on April 25.


MikeVision 06-02-2008 08:38 AM

This Doesn't Work

I've just recently downloaded SecureFX to upgrade from an old version of AbsoluteFTP. I can't get this data migration to work after following these steps very closely. SecureFX continues to load with no preexisting sessions - and I've double-checked everything.

Is there something I'm missing? Have these instructions changed? I know it's been some time since this was posted...

Mike T.

tnygren 06-02-2008 09:16 AM

Hi Mike,

I have answered your question on migration in the new thread that you created.

MikeVision 06-02-2008 09:36 AM

Thank you!
Great, thank you very much!

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