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jdev 02-19-2019 10:14 AM

Generating a Trace Options Debug Log in SecureCRT
If you are experiencing a problem getting connected to a remote host using either Telnet or SSH protocols, VanDyke Technical Support staff may ask you to provide a trace options debug log showing the underlying protocol-level negotiation that is occurring.

This article explains how to enable trace options debug output to appear within the terminal window, and generate a log file that you can provide to your support representative by email for further troubleshooting and analysis.

Option #1:
Watch the video on our YouTube channel: Options Debug Logging in SecureCRT

Option #2:
If you don't have access to YouTube, the steps are provided below.
  1. Launch SecureCRT and open SecureCRT's main File menu and select the Trace Options menu item.

  2. Open the File menu again and choose Log Session.... Specify a path to your Desktop folder and a name for the log file, such as SCRT_Log.txt.
    Windows example:

    Mac/Linux example:
  3. Now attempt your connection again.

  4. When the connection fails, open SecureCRT's File menu and look at the Log Session menu item. If it has a check-mark next to it, select the menu item once again to stop logging.

  5. Go to your Desktop folder and locate the SCRT_Log.txt file.
Because a trace options debug log can contain sensitive information, please do not post trace options debug information to these forums. Instead, please provide trace options debug logs via email as instructed by VanDyke Software technical support staff.

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