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cboyack 10-02-2020 04:14 PM

Example: Send Command With Date/Time Substitutions
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An example which allows SecureCRT to automatically convert date/time substitution parameters (e.g. %Y, %M, %D, etc.) when sending a command.

For example, the following command template...

scp /filesystem/folder/backup.tar.gz
... would become ...

scp /filesystem/folder/backup.tar.gz
... if the command was sent on Oct 2, 2020, just past 11:13:27 AM.

How to get started with this example script:
  1. Download and save this example script to your local machine

  2. Create a Run Script Button/Command using either SecureCRT's Button Bar or SecureCRT's Command Manager
  3. Use your new Command/Button whenever you want to send the command with dynamic date/time substitution.

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