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Bob_R 08-24-2020 02:33 PM

scripting from bash shell/escape sequences

This one is probably so obvious I'm not finding the answer.

I currently have a script that opens an sftp tab in my current directory per Works great and has been a huge time saver and is the first thing I do on a new server.

I'd like something similar that would clone the current ssh session and cd into my current directory. I've tried:
echo "^[&&Bclone `pwd`"
echo "^[&&Bclone-session `pwd`"
echo "^[&&Bclone-window `pwd`"

But that isn't right. Is there a list of all of the possible commands anywhere?

bgagnon 08-24-2020 02:56 PM

Hi Bob_R,

I don't know about incorporating this with the execute escape sequence example you are using. That does not give you access to SecureCRT's objects, properties and methods.

I think you need a conventional script, such as this one in the forums.

You will want to be sure focus has been placed back on the tab with the SSH session. Then you should be able to use:

crt.GetScriptTab.SendSpecial "MENU_TAB_CLONE"

These menu functions and others are documented in the SecureCRT Help topic Configuring the Keyboard / Table of Keymap Functions.

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