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Linda 08-14-2021 06:04 PM

Can you please have an 'Apply' in setting fonts?
I asked for this ages ago, but there was some problem with allowing users to see the results of their font choice w/o having them leave the font selection page.

It's more than a little bit of a pain when I'm searching for a font for some characters to display uniformly and correctly ...

I noticed that exponents were pretty bad in Lucida Console,
so then tried another variation, then OK, OK, ... nope that didn't
work, then:
Move to options
Move down to Session Options
move to Appearance (may already be up)
move to Font...
and wait...5-15 seconds (15 maybe first time)..
Then...find next font, then <repeat>...

Vs. if you don't have to close fonts, it saves 10 motions/clicks and 5-15 seconds/test.

p.s. trying to find a better set for:

This might be a good place for using the linux version of SCRT and having it display via 'X' locally, since Windows native font support is a bit constrained.

gregg 08-16-2021 11:15 AM

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i've recently been switching to Cascadia Mono font (Mono because sCRT does not support ligatures) and it has been better than some of what I had been using. Though superscript does seem a bit difficult to read.


Linda 08-17-2021 05:20 AM

Ubuntu Mono does a decent job for the superscripts as well, but neither solves the original problem of not being able to easily preview what your current window will look like with the new font. *sigh*

Ligatures look so nice when they work, but I rarely see or think of them
in mono-spaced applications.

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