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usafdixon 06-23-2021 06:21 AM

Two Shortcuts for Two Different SecureCRT Environments
How do you setup two different shortcuts, each with there own unique target? I had this setup before but have a new PC and need to reconfigure it.

Use Case:
1 shortcut to open secureCRT with unique settings.
1 shortcut to open secureCRT with different unique set of settings.

Having two shortcuts pointing to a different target with its own unique settings can allow me to run two different environments.

Thank you.

gregg 06-23-2021 08:43 PM

I do this.

Use /F <foldername> when starting SecureCRT.

From the help:


Specifying a Configuration Folder from the Command Line

The command-line option /F folder allows you to specify an alternate configuration folder when you start SecureCRT from the command line. When SecureCRT is started with the /F option, the specified folder will override the default setting for the current instance of SecureCRT. Each instance of SecureCRT can use a different configuration folder.

To specify a configuration folder from the command line, enter the following command:

SecureCRT /F folder

Note: If the folder pathname contains spaces, you must enclose the argument inside quotation marks.

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