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mcox 09-15-2020 08:42 AM

Losing focus from SecureCRT window when touching Touchpad
I'm running 8.7.3 (build 2279) on MacOS 10.15.6. I've begun having problems constantly losing focus in the SecureCRT window if my finger even grazes my MacBook's Touchpad. I don't have Tap To Click enabled so that a touch does not equal a click. I have to actually push on the Trackpad to generate a click. However, if I'm typing in SecureCRT, even if the mouse pointer is also in that window, making any contact with the Trackpad will cause the focus to shift out of SecureCRT and my typing is interrupted. I then have to actually click in the window to regain focus. The focus does not change to another app - I don't know where it goes. SecureCRT is still the foreground app, and its title / menu bar is still being displayed at the top of the screen. It doesn't seem to change focus; it merely makes it "not" focus on on SecureCRT's window. No focus at all, if you will. It's quite maddening as I am having a hard time finishing typing a line without having to click in the window and pick up where it left off. Just tapping the spacebar without lightly grazing the Touchpad is difficult to avoid, let alone all the times my palm grazes it. This is why I have the Tap to Click feature off. I re-enabled it just to see if SecureCRT behaved differently but it didn't. I don't recall ever having this problem previously and have been using it on Mac for many years. Any insight appreciated.

bgagnon 09-15-2020 09:07 AM

Hi mcox,

Our developers are investigating this issue. Should progress be made toward a resolution, or further information be requested, I will post in this thread.

If you prefer direct e-mail notification, contact and include "Bug Report - Forum Thread #14284" in the subject line.

Cleo 10-25-2020 02:38 PM

same here
let me know updates also

bgagnon 10-26-2020 09:05 AM

Hi Cleo,

As stated in the last post, notification will just be in this forum thread unless you send an email to support. :)

mario41OC 10-31-2020 12:56 PM

Same here!
Thank you for posting. I'm having the same issue and, YES, it's incredibly annoying.

I fix would be greatly appreciated.


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