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cogliostro 04-02-2021 04:33 AM

FTP Filetransfer is pending....
Hi guys, i'm new to this forum and to Vandyke Products.

I purchased the CRT + FX Bundle a few days ago.
i'm have a strange problem on my test server. I'm running an FTP (non-SFTP) Server (Serva 4.4) where i just wanted to test some stuff. With SecureFX i can connect there and make folders / delete Stuff no problem. But i can not transfer anything to the FTP Server. When i test it with Filezilla it works with no problem file transfer is working. So i have no clue why it will not work with SecureFX ? You can help me just for understanding what i am doing wrong? And is it possible to change the appearance of the GUI to Black Background with white font ?

Thank you for your help

berdmann 04-02-2021 09:08 AM

Hi cogliostro,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some trouble transferring files via FTP with SecureFX!

I would like to gather some additional information from you regarding the behavior...

Are you sure that you are using plain FTP with Filezilla and not FTPS?

I would like to take a look at your file transfer attempt with SecureFX. Can you please configure SecureFX to create a log file per the following instructions:
  1. Open SecureFX and choose Options / Global Options.
  2. Browse to the File Transfer / Options / Advanced category in the "Global Options" dialog and enable the "Enable log output to file" option.
  3. Specify a filename in the "Log filename" field.
  4. Press the "OK" button to close the Global Options dialog.
  5. Attempt the connection to the remote machine and attempt again the operation that failed.
Once you have generated the log file, please attach it to an email to with, "ATTN: Forum Thread #14484" in the subject line.

As for your question about changing the GUI color scheme, have you tested with the "VS2013 Dark" theme? (View / Themes)

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