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packet46 12-15-2020 03:42 AM

Password Retrieval
A bit of an awkward question and probably not solveable, but is there any way to export & decrypt a password from a SecureCRT session?

I have automated CLI/SSH2 access to servers that I am managing via a local admin account & password. These servers need upgrading wich requires root shell access.

Unfortunately, I can't get past the sudo su - process because I don't know the current admin password. I have tried many, many variations all to no avail.

These servers are not yet in Production but are needed by mid-January 2021.

If there is a safe & secure method to do this, I'd appreciate the knowledge.


bgagnon 12-15-2020 07:23 AM

Hi packet46,

No, sorry, there is not.

Perhaps there is a way to reset (discover) the credentials on the server side.

packet46 12-15-2020 07:24 AM

Password Retrieval #2
I should add that I am the only person with knowledge of or access to these servers in their current state.

They are CENTOS7 based hardened security appliances.

While getting them rebuilt is an option, the amount of associated overhead in doing that is nothing short of exhaustive.

I need to be able to either recover the admin password or change it so that I can progress the upgrade.


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