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jstraub 08-10-2012 07:26 PM

SecureCRT cannot ssh to Linux/OpenSSH
I have three workstations connected via ethernet: WIN (Windows), LIN1 (Linux Mint 12) and LIN2 (SUSE Linux). Both Linux systems use OpenSSH. Using SecureCRT/ssh2 I am able to ssh to LIN2. From LIN2 I can ssh to LIN1, and from LIN1 I can ssh to LIN2.

When I try to use SecureCRT/ssh2 from WIN to LIN1 I get:
  1. A long wait;
  2. The New Host Key Accept Once/Accept & Save/Cancel dialog (I typically select Accept Once);
  3. Another long wait;
  4. A request for my password;
  5. Another long wait;
  6. Sometimes a timeout;
  7. Sometimes a connection and command line prompt (with very slow echo).
The firewall on LIN1 is disabled. /var/log/auth.log shows only that I am connected and my password accepted. Ping from WIN to LIN1 and LIN1 to WIN is sub-millisecond. Internet access from LIN1 is fast. For a while my LIN1 sshd_config was the same as the config file on (older) LIN2 (I have since changed back to the default).

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

rtb 08-11-2012 03:22 PM

Hi jstraub,

To assist with this type of issue, we really need specific information.

Would you send me a copy of trace options output (as an attachment) to with a subject of Attn: Todd - Forum thread #10623.

Please include the operating system you are using on your Windows machine, the version and serial number for your copy of SecureCRT in the body of your e-mail message.

It may also be helpful to see a debug3 log from OpenSSH.

To enable trace options output, click on the File pull down menu and select Trace Options. If you click the File pull down menu again you should see a check mark next to Trace Options, indicating that trace options output is now enabled.

With Trace Options enabled, you will notice debugging information displayed in the terminal window that isn't normally there by default when SecureCRT is attempting to establish a connection, and at certain times throughout the lifetime of the connection.

Once the problem occurs, you can use the Select All and Copy options from within the Edit menu to transfer the information to the Windows clipboard, and then paste this information into a text editor and save the data as a file.

Trace options output can contain information that does not belong in a public forum. Would you send the file as an attachment to with a subject of Attn: Todd - Forum Thread <fill in>.

rtb 08-15-2012 12:06 PM

Hi all,

We are not able to determine the exact cause of this issue.

Because PuTTY had the same issue when installed on the same machine as SecureCRT when connecting to the same remote server, this is not a client issue.

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