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Tom Rasmusson 05-18-2018 11:26 AM

How to decipher SXFCL return codes using Windows Task Scheduler
I have a scheduled task running successfully on one of four identical nodes, but I cannot get it running on the others.
I am doing a Synchronize operation. The return code is 2147942800 on the failing nodes.

berdmann 05-18-2018 12:50 PM

Hi Tom,

The older version of SFXCL that you are running does not render meaningful error codes, and as such I am unable to determine what is causing the failure. There have been some improvements made in SecureFX 8.3 regarding SFXCL error coeds in an effort to return error codes that are more meaningful for troubleshooting purposes.

A much more helpful approach to troubleshooting the issue would be to compare a SecureFX log from the successful node with logs from the failing nodes.

To configure SecureFX to generate a log file:
  1. Open SecureFX and choose Options / Global Options.
  2. Browse to the File Transfer / Options / Advanced category in the "Global Options" dialog and enable the "Enable log output to file" option.
  3. Specify a filename in the "Log filename" field. For example: %APPDATA%\..\..\Desktop\SecureFXLog.txt (the above will result in a log file saved to your desktop)
  4. Press the "OK" button to close the Global Options dialog.
  5. Attempt the connection(s) to the remote machine(s) and re-attempt the operation(s) that failed
Please DO NOT post the contents of your log file to our Forums! If you would like assistance reviewing the logs you can attach them to an email to

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