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Cyber Dog 05-06-2005 02:16 AM

Request - AutoHide Tabs
Here's a feature request. I love the new tabs, but displaying the tab bar when there's only one active session is a bit of wasted screen realestate if you ask me. I can draw a good functional parallel to FireFox here: In the fox, the tab bar is only visible when theres more than one tab, when there's one it hides itself to reduce the wasted space and interface complexity.

If this feature is hiding somewhere and I missed it I apologize, I definitely looked and couldn't find it, but you know it's rather late here. :D

dcomo 05-07-2005 05:07 AM


This feature has been requested a number of times. I believe the last discussion was that is would be reviewed for a future version of SCRT 5.0 (maybe even 5.1) and that the single tab option would be a setting within the Global Options.

This would give people (like me) the option of keeping a single tab open if he/she chose.

Cyber Dog 05-09-2005 01:31 PM

I figured it was rather ambitious, but felt like putting my two cents in. Maybe one of the forum mods should make a sticky post with known requests?

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