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hmperccami 03-21-2020 03:09 PM

fucntion open() error
I'm trying to run a python script in SecureCRT. The app throws an IOError message error related to the following line:

fp = open(filename, "wb+")

Do you know some error case related to that function?

If you need more information, please, ask me.

Thanks for your time.

bgagnon 03-22-2020 01:17 PM

Hi hmperccami,

Is filename an actual, valid path to a file?

Please post the exact error you are getting. 03-23-2020 01:05 PM


I just finish this script tonight, no problem

result_file = r'f:\AXE10\Script\SecureCRT\fingerprint.txt'

with open(result_file, 'a+') as f:
f.write('test test' + '\n')


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