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duaner 03-30-2005 11:16 AM

I'd like different icon(s)
This is a purely cosmetic suggestion: the SecureCRT icon is so "nuetrally" colored, the I have trouble locating it on the start bar. I have actually thought it crashed, and opened a new window on two seperate occasions.

Possibility 1: let user change icon(s)
The good thing about this, is the user can customize color and appearance. I would love this now for two other Apps I use - both apps' icons are basically orange circles, and I have to pay (too) close attention to which one I choose.

Possibility 2: change to 'bolder' icon(s)

dcomo 03-31-2005 08:50 PM


There was a post a few months ago in regards to changing the main icons for SecureCRT as well as the icons on the SecureCRT toolbar. Maureen had acknowledged that the changes were requested, however due to timing, she noted that we will not see new icons in the initial 5.0 release.

She hinted at a possible future release, however it is unclear if this would be 5.1 or even more future. (ie. SecureCRT 6.0)

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