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Trey 09-08-2021 08:45 PM

Installer is no longer responding error when trying to uninstall on Windows 10
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Some time back when I had SecureCRT/FX 8.7.3 installed, I received the message about 9.0 being available. I downloaded and installed it. After it was done, I now had both 8.7.3 and 9.0 installed. This didn't bother me at the time, so I continued on. 9.0 has now updated to 9.1.0.

Since I have no need for the 8.7.x version, I tried to uninstall it and ran into problems. The uninstaller runs, and it removes the listing from Add Remove Programs. I get the Windows 10 UAC, accept that, and then it tries to perform the uninstall.

That's when I get the below:

When I click in OK, I get a different message:

When I click OK on this message, the uninstaller closes. At this point, I didn't want to leave it in this state, so I tried reinstalling 8.7 again so I could then try to uninstall it again. When I went to install, it gave me the message below:

This would NOT complete until I restarted Windows and tried again. If I clicked on "Yes" to undo the changes, it will just pop the same error 1705 over and over. After a restart, I still got that message, but "Yes" worked this time and 8.7 did successfully install.

I launched 8.7 to make sure it installed correctly, it did. Just to start clean, I restarted Windows again, and once back tried to uninstall 8.7. Got the same set of messages.

So now I am stuck in this loop, as it happens with 9.1 as well.

The one caveat that I think might have contributed to this, maybe not, was...

8.7.3 was installed for all users in C:\Program Files.
9.0.x was installed just for my user in C:\Users\normal_path....

Did the above scenario cause this weird issue?

Any ideas? Or does one need to do a manual clean uninstall on Windows?

Trey 09-08-2021 10:27 PM

So I figured out the cause for the errors seen on uninstall.

I've done this twice now, and got two different results.

On the first uninstall, I ran into the message "Installer is no longer responding."

I had "Apps & features" open, and I could see SecureCRT removed from there. I also had C:\Windows\Insaller open, and the SourceHash file created for this app was still there, along with the .tmp file and the inprogressinstallerinfo.ipi file.

Clicking "Retry" on this screen will just loop to it again. Clicking on "Cancel", SecureCRT shows back up in "Apps & features", and in Windows\Installer, the .tmp and .ipi files are removed, leaving just the SourceHash file.

I tried uninstalling again, the following happened:
- SecurtCRT removed from "Apps & features"
- SecureHash was deleted
- "Installer is no longer responding." message appears
- Have to "Cancel"

This time around, the .tmp file and the .ipi is left in Windows\Installer, which causes the Error 1705 when you try to install again.

One problem though, msiexec for the Windows Installer is still running, from the failed uninstall. This is what is keeping the installer from being able to complete an install, and most likely what was making the Error 1705 loop. If you end task on this, you can run the installer again without rebooting. If you delete the .tmp and .ipi file before installing, you will not get the Error 1705.

The above was tested with the 9.1.0 x64 installer.

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