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ihor 03-26-2020 07:20 AM

Why does VShell logon with Type 2, interactive?
Getting Windows Event log 4624 with logon Type 2 and logon Process : Vshell.
Why would Vshell log on interactively??!!

bgagnon 03-26-2020 09:07 AM

Hi ihor,

What version of VShell is installed?

On what OS?

Interactive logons provide credentials which allow for the most complete access to available resources, so VShell initially attempts an interactive logon for all authentications. If an interactive logon is not possible for the authenticating user account, VShell will then attempt to perform a network logon on behalf of the authenticating user. Network logons only have local machine access, they do not have access to network resources because network logons produce credentials that cannot be delegated for use on other machines. Due to this implementation choice in VShell, Windows system administrators may notice event viewer entries that show a mixture of logon attempts for both type 2 (interactive) and type 3 (network) logons -- indicating failure for some and success for others. Failures and successes are most often linked to the type of account (local vs. domain) that is attempting authentication as well as whether or not the account is granted the "Allow log on locally" user right assignment.

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