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gantohi 02-09-2021 08:47 AM

Print output to email

Could anyone help me with a script that would save/send the output to a certain email address?

Thank you very much,

cboyack 02-09-2021 10:20 AM

Hi Greta,

I'm assuming by "output" you are referencing the SecureCRT product. Can you confirm? What version are you running?

There isn't any email-sending capability provided by SecureCRT's scripting API/objects, so any solution would necessarily involve something native to whatever script engine/language you're using and the platform you are on.

What scripting language are you using?

On what operating system do you have SecureCRT installed and running?

If you're on Windows, there's one example that was posted many years ago related to the sending of email using CDO objects on Windows with VBScript:
Other than that, VanDyke Software doesn't currently have much to share regarding the sending of email from within a script in terms of SecureCRT's capabilities. You might consider performing a web search on how to send email from within whatever scripting language you're using on whatever platform you're on (Windows/Linux/macOS) and you may be able to find some techniques which might potentially be applicable to use within a SecureCRT script, depending on the circumstances.

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