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Melting Ice 10-22-2008 06:27 PM

Out of Memory (SecureFX)
whenever i go into a folder on my server that has alot of files the program gives me an "out of memory" popup and i press ok, then another comes

and this goes on for about 5-10 of them, then the program seems to shut down

im running a 2.6ghz core2 duo, 3 GB pc6400 ram and ive got 5 gigs of virtual memory alucated

so whats the problem and how can i fix it? thanks

tnygren 10-23-2008 09:22 AM

Hi Melting Ice,

I had a couple of questions.

Which version and build of SecureFX is installed?

This can be found by selecting 'About SecureFX' from the 'Help' menu.

When the error occurs, how much memory is SecureFX using in Windows Task Manager?

Does this error occur as soon as SecureFX is opened or?

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