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Blueboy1878 08-15-2016 06:42 AM

Issue with HostKeyDB
Hi I have V8.02 os SecureCRT installed on my Windows 7 (x64) machine. However when I try to save a new host key for a server I get the error Could not write to the host key database file. H:\SecureCRT\Config\KnownHosts\HostKeyDB.txt. Access is denied.

I have renamed the existing file with a .old extension and SecureCRT has then created a new file in the same location however I get the same error. I am able to edit the file using notepad though. I have also ensured that I have full control over the file in NTFS permissions.

Any ideas?

bgagnon 08-15-2016 09:08 AM

Hi Blueboy1878,

I am sorry to hear about the issue that has occurred.

What sort of drive is the "H:" drive?

Did this issue just start occurring?

If so, what might have changed that could have affected the H: drive?

Blueboy1878 08-15-2016 09:11 AM

The H drive is just a windows share on a server where we can save data. We are not allowed to save anything locally.

I can't think of anything that has changed to be honest, I thought it was just a permissions problem but it doesnt seem to be the case :(

bgagnon 08-15-2016 09:45 AM

Hi Blueboy1878,

That would be my first inclination as well, but you seemed to have done your due diligence to check that. :)

Would you attach a screenshot showing full control permissions on that location to an email to (subject line "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #12445")?

I can then, in my reply email, give you some info to get very detailed (packet level) logging in SecureCRT so we can see if that reveals the issue.

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