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stovakor 08-18-2021 12:32 PM

how to add 'connection name' to log file variable?
I've reviewed the help file and there are plenty of variables for day, hour, minute, second, and the 'hostname' which for SSH connections is actually an IP address which isn't super useful.

Can you please add the ability to insert the 'connection name' into the log file filename.

Specifically, if I set up a connection and the 'connection name' is Site1-Router3, and then the SSH2 'hostname' is .. as it sits today, I can only insert the into the log file name. I can't insert Site1-Router3.

gregg 08-18-2021 03:32 PM

There is a "%S" variable for session name noted at the bottom of the Session's options Log File dialog. I think that will work for what you mean by "connection name"

You may also want to review these 2 threads which talk about setting a Logon script that will allow more specific log creation:

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