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mcox 01-26-2016 09:45 AM

slow pasting in El Capitan
I was running SecureCRT 7.3.6 on OS X Yosemite without issue, then installed El Capitan (fresh install; not an upgrade.) I installed SecureCRT and moved over all configuration info (~/Library/Application Support/VanDyke/SecureCRT/Config). Everything seems exactly as I had it configured before and works perfectly fine except when I paste text it's very slow. My line and character delay settings moved over (100 & 2 respectively), but I tried bumping them down to 50 & 1, but no change in the speed. If I use Mac's native terminal, it still pastes very fast.

I use SecureCRT mostly for Cisco device configuration and am often pasting large chunks of config, so the speed is important. I am accustomed to tweaking the two settings above because if it's too fast, it overflows the buffer and fails when pasting more than a few lines of config. 100ms line / 2ms char delay were my old settings and while it wasn't the fastest possible, it was tolerable and allowed me to paste a seemingly infinite # of config lines without issue. I am not having overflow issues, which is good, but the speed is nearly intolerable. I can almost read as fast as it pastes. Is there something else I need to do now that I'm using El Capitan?

bgagnon 01-26-2016 10:32 AM

Hi mcox,

I have not heard of any issues specific to El Capitan in this regard. However, this script example will help you to establish the optimum rate when pasting text. What is interesting about your explanation is that you cut the delay in half, but noticed no change in the paste rate.

If using the example script does not improve the issue, we will probably need dtruss output to analyze:

sudo dtruss /Applications/
Please send the output (as an attachment to email) to and reference "Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #12216".

bgagnon 01-26-2016 11:52 AM

Hi mcox,

What is the protocol used in the sessions where you are having the problem?

If serial, you may need to get an up-to-date USB->serial driver for El Capitan. You would need to contact the vendor that makes the adapter.

mcox 01-26-2016 11:56 AM

It is USB-to-serial and I have the latest Prolific drivers for 10.11 Mac. I installed them today.

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