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tendhar33 08-19-2020 06:50 AM

Python - Paramiko getting channel closed on exec channel
Hi Team,

I am trying to create a python app which connects to our server running Vshell and executes commands. I am using pythong's paramiko library, the issue is that i can only execute one command and i receive channel closed exception.
I am using exec_command() method of Paramiko which should open new channel every time it's called. By the way the app works perfectly fine on our test server which run on OpenSSH server.
I read that the OpenSSH support exec channel and hence i believe is the reason it's working.
Could you please tell me if Vshell has support for exec channel.

bgagnon 08-19-2020 07:33 AM

Hi tendhar33,

VShell supports remote execs.

To investigate the issue, we would need to see VShell debug logs, which are not appropriate for the public forums.

Is VShell installed on Windows? Or on a Unix/Linux platform? (If so, which one?)

If Windows, if not already enabled, please enable Debug messages in the Log File Messages column (left-hand column please) in the Common / Logging category of VShell's control panel. Then, apply the change, replicate the issue and attach the debug log to an email sent to Please reference Forum Thread #14264 in the subject line of the email.

If Unix/Linux, you would uncomment the following in vshelld_config and set it to True. Reload the config and replicate the issue.

# Logs debug messages to the vshelld log file.
LogTopicDebug true

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