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jdev 06-29-2020 05:37 PM

Example: Pass Through Printing to File
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In cases where the remote legacy app running on your connected host provides for retrieving desired ASCII data only via pass through printing codes, this script example demonstrates one way of saving this data to a file instead of having to print to a physical printer.

  • Either configure this script as the Logon script for your saved session (Session Options > Logon Actions, Logon script), or configure a button mapped to run this script (and click the button just before you issue the print command within the remote hosted application).
  • (optional) Supply a /noprompt script argument to more fully automate the process of printing the received data to a file.
Once the script is running, it will continue to run until the script is manually canceled (Script > Cancel) or until the connection to the remote host/device is terminated.

While running, the script will automatically intercept auto-print and pass-through printing sequences (currently VTxx and xterm emulations only) and write the received ASCII data to a file instead of sending the data to a printer.
Note: To facilitate this script's operational technique, pass through printing must be disabled in Session Options. The script will detect if this is not the case, and offer to change it for you.

Download the script code here.


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