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jdev 09-08-2017 03:26 PM

Launch RDP or HTTP Connections from SecureCRT's Session Manager
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This script example facilitates management of RDP, HTTPS, and HTTP connections from within SecureCRT's session manager. Currently designed to work only in SecureCRT for Windows.
  1. Download the script file and save it to the location on your local machine where it will always be available.
    Idea: Store the script file inside SecureCRT's configuration folder -- just inside the main "Config" level.

  2. Map a button on SecureCRT's button bar to run the script.

  3. Run the script.
  4. Create RDP/HTTP/HTTPS sessions using the techniques described. New sessions are created in a folder that will appear in SecureCRT's session manager, named #_New_HTTP-RDP_Sessions (so named so that it appears near the top of the session manager).

  5. Feel free to move new sessions to the session manager folder location of your choice.

  6. Double-click a saved session to connect.



If you're looking for the legacy version of this example script (which was much more cumbersome to use/maintain), you can find it here.

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