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Reno 12-06-2019 10:41 AM

Global User Variables
For things like button bar buttons, the command manager and possibly even session connection properties, I would really love it if there was global CRT user variables list that can be defined by a user and then used in commands (etc).

Lets say in a single place I define some custom user defined variables like:
$ssh_key_normal = 'my_key_passphrase';
$ssh_key_special_1 = 'my_key_passphrase';
$vm_type_1_password_1 = 'my_pass';
$vm_type_2_password_2 = 'my_pass';
$zone_1_cluster_manager = '';
$zone_2_cluster_manager = '';
$snmp_log_path = '/var/log/snmp/';

Really while I'm at it, for the new Command Manager (or button bar buttons), I'd also love some kind of special character that represents "wait for prompt return" as well. Would really love to chain command manager commands with a way to wait for the cursor to return (without resorting to recording or creating scripts).

That's a big mess sorry, wanted to throw it out though. Thank you.

berdmann 12-06-2019 12:52 PM

Hi Reno,

I have captured your requests to add a substitution variable database and to add the ability to send multiple commands in sequence one after the other with expect/send ("wait-for") capability in SecureCRT.

We will be sure to post here if either of the features are implemented. If you would prefer direct notification, please send an email to, with *****ATTN: Feature Request, Forum Thread #13999***** in the subject field.

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