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goobie 08-14-2016 04:24 PM

A protocol error occurred. Too many authentication failures

I'm having the strangest issue with scrt right now. I've had profiles setup and working fine for ages, all of a sudden I come in one day and i start getting this error

The server has disconnected with an error. Server message reads:
A protocol error occurred. Too many authentication failures for <user>

I'm using SSH protocol 2 with a ssh key. When i use the exact same key and user with git bash on the same desktop it works just fine.

I've had a profile setup for ages and it hasn't been touched nor has anything changed on the remote end.

jdev 08-15-2016 07:54 AM

Trace Options output will help provide some background troubleshooting information that may help explain what's going on behind the scenes.

However, it is not typically appropriate to post Trace Options output to any public forum because it may contain some sensitive information (hostname, IP address, etc.), so my suggestion for further assistance would be for you to send in email to so that we can get more details about what's failing.

When you send in your email to, please:
  • Use a subject of: "Attn Jake: Forum thread #12444"
  • Please include the exact version of SecureCRT that you're now running (Hint: "About SecureCRT..." menu item)
  • Please include the Serial Number of your SecureCRT registration
  • Please let me know the Operating System and version on which you have SecureCRT installed and running.
  • Please include Trace Options output as described below -- attached to your email, not in-line in the body.

Here's one way to enable Trace Options output:
  • First, open SecureCRT's main "File" pull-down menu and select "Trace Options". If you open the "File" pull down menu again you should see a checkmark next to "Trace Options", indicating that troubleshooting output is now enabled.
  • Next, connect to the remote machine. With Trace Otions enabled, you will notice debugging information displayed in the terminal window that isn't normally there by default when SecureCRT is attempting to establish a connection, and at certain times throughout the lifetime of the connection.
  • Once the problem occurs, please right-click inside the terminal window and choose "Select All", then right-click again and choose "Copy" to transfer the information to the clipboard.
  • Finally, open your favorite text editor (e.g. Notepad or TextEdit) and paste the information from the clipboard into the editor program, and save it as a .txt. This .txt file is what you'd attach to your email message.


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