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Andomar 03-17-2016 10:30 AM

(Beta) Window resizing with hidden menu bar
Using Beta build 1045.
1. Turn on Apple Settings -> General -> Automatically hide and show the menu bar
2. Open SecureCRT
3. Double click the window header

Expected: SecureCRT enlarges to use the space vacated by the menu bar

What happens: SecureCRT grows until below the invisible menu bar, leaving a part of the desktop background visible

bgagnon 03-17-2016 11:07 AM

Hi Andomar,

I have submitted this behavior for investigation by the development team. Should progress be made toward a resolution, or further information be requested, I will post in this thread.

If you prefer direct e-mail notification, contact and include "Bug Report - Forum Thread #12290" in the subject line.

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