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anv-ani 05-08-2020 10:13 AM

Copy select sessions from securecrt with Logon Actions
Hi Team- My requirement is sharing a select group of session with my team. In each session I have to jump through different hosts to reach the remote machine which I handled by adding logon actions in each session. The plan is to share the sessions by exporting my sessions and copying to every user's AppData\Roaming\VanDyke\Config\Sessions. My question is how can i make the logon actions also getting shared with my team as they are critical part of each session.

Thank you.

berdmann 05-08-2020 12:55 PM

Hi anv-ani,

Logon actions are included when you export your sessions as long as you aren't storing your sensitive data in a Personal Data Folder. (Options -> Global Options -> Configuration Paths)

That being said, it sounds like you have configured logon actions to pass your credentials to connect through your jump host(s). If you export your sessions and give them to your colleagues, your colleagues would have access to your passwords (which in most environments would be a security risk).

Is this information helpful?

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