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SajanP 11-06-2019 09:48 AM

Ubuntu 19.04/19.10 Support
I understand there is a sticky thread here with the URL to the needed dependency. However, does Vandyke have plans to support Ubuntu officially on the more recent releases?

I understand the next LTS (20.04) is 6 months away, but I would hope to see Ubuntu 19.10 supported (which would fix it for 19.04 too) before the LTS comes out.

SecureCRT is the absolute only reason I'm still on 18.04 right now and would love to upgrade.

jdev 11-06-2019 10:29 AM

We plan to add support for Ubuntu 19.10 in the next official release of SecureCRT 8.7.

While we don't yet have a solid release date scheduled, a pre-release of SecureCRT 8.7 can be made available for download if you send email to with a subject of "SecureCRT support for Ubuntu 19.10 - Forum thread #13964".
  • Make sure you send the email from the same email address that you use to download SecureCRT -- or at least include your download account email address in the body of your email.


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