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jesus.pavon 04-30-2021 04:03 AM

SecureCRT 9.0 on Linux (Kali 2021 and Ubuntu 20.10)
Hi community,

This is the procedure to install SecureCRT 9.0.x in Debian-based Linux, tested with both Kali Rolling (2021.1) and Ubuntu 20.10 AMD64 platform:

1. Manually download libicu66 version is required. Go to and download the proper version:

2. Install the library from the same folder:
sudo apt update && sudo dpkg -i libicu66_66.1-2ubuntu2_amd64.deb

3. Install SecureCRT's deb package:
sudo apt -f install -y ./scrt-sfx-9.0.1-2451.ubuntu20-64.x86_64.deb

4. Execute SecureCRT from console to see there is no error:

That's all.

bgagnon 04-30-2021 09:27 AM

Hi Jesus,

It's nice when people share! :)

But seriously, thanks for posting your workaround. We really like it when our customers share the wealth of knowledge they have acquired!

Have a great weekend!

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