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neongrau 05-02-2005 03:15 AM

Connection Problems
since beta 4 i'm having (very) random connection issues.
sometimes when connecting (via ssh1) i see nothing but a blinking cursor and when i try to abort the connection secure-crt crashes.

i haven't yet found a way to reproduce this. maybe someone else here having the same issues? :confused:

Maureen 05-02-2005 05:59 PM

Could you please send me the trace output the next time this happens? To enable trace output, select "Trace Options" from the File menu before connecting. Then send the resulting output to me at


neongrau 05-09-2005 04:28 AM

i tried several times to trigger this bug when having "Trace Options" activated but it doesn't seem to occur then?!?

this problem seems to be the same as in DragonFlu's post "Bugs in beta 4 for 5.0".

@Maureen: you mentioned an interims build, any chance that i can get that build too?

Maureen 05-09-2005 09:38 AM

I'd be happy to send you an interim build. Please send you e-mail address to me at


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