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Nico 03-08-2019 02:18 AM

lauching a script

I have a question :

It's possible in SecureCRT version 6.1 to launch a script as a new page is launched in the consol ?

for exemple at the launch of this first page the script run automatically :
id : 1234
pwd: ****

I click on enter, and I have a new page :

choose 1 or 2

and I would like to run automatically the same script of the first page in the launch of this new page.

bgagnon 03-08-2019 08:41 AM

Hi Nico,

I don't understand what you are trying to accomplish.

What is a "page"?

Nico 03-15-2019 03:36 AM

launching a script

Thank you for your answer,

I want to launch a script at each new console screen.

for example my first screen is a login screen, then, when
when the person is connected I have a new screen ...

bgagnon 03-15-2019 09:08 AM

Hi Nico,

Do you want those scripts to launch automatically when on various screens? If so, I think that is going to be a project pretty much beyond the scope of what I can help with.

Or do they just have different functionality and you have the capability to manually launch them?

If so, then it seems like you would just run the script at the appropriate time. What am I missing? :)

Nico 03-15-2019 09:36 AM

launching a script

Yes I want to launch automatically a script when a various screen,
Thank you, I also thought it was not possible to do that.

bgagnon 03-15-2019 10:27 AM

Hi Nico,

I have added this thread to a feature request in our product enhancement database for the ability to customize trigger events similar to Logon Actions. Should a future release of SecureCRT include this feature, notification will be posted here.

If you prefer direct email notification, send an email to and include "Feature Request - Forum Thread #13439" in the subject line or use this form from the support page of our website.

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