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secureus 09-16-2014 01:31 PM

SecureFX File Transfer
New to SecureFX. By establishing the SFTP Connection, my application has to write .csv file in the Linux Server.

Main project is developed in VB.Net Program.


Public Function UploadFileFromStream(ByVal _data As Byte(), ByVal _fileName As String) As Boolean

' Once connection is established, Variable : _data has to be written to .csv file in the specified folder

' Here, I have to call SecureFX to do File Transfer / File Create

End Function
Where to start ? How to establish a SFTP Connection in the SecureFx ?

rtb 09-16-2014 01:46 PM

Hi secureus,

Thanks for the post.

If you already have the file created, you could use SFXCL (the command-line component of SecureFX). Here is a tip on how to use SFXCL:
Based on your code snippet, however, it looks like you are looking for an SFTP API that you can incorporate into a program. If this is the case you may want to consider downloading ClientPack for evaluation. It includes a COM object called VRALib that has an API that can be used to establish an SSH2/SFTP connection and transfer files. You can download the evaluation from the following location:
It is important to note that VRALib is only available in ClientPack for Windows.

Does this help to answer your question?

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