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rchapoteau 10-29-2018 02:19 PM

Password Authentication Failed issues
I've been having issues on SecureCRT where devices that I used to log into just fine I now have failures with for SSH. These are saved sessions in my session manager. I can retype the user and password and it still fails. If I directly SSH into the box without using saved session it works just fine. If I create a brand new session in the session manager it works fine.

I assume there must be something saved that is causing issues somehow on my saved sessions which leads me to a few questions.

1) What in the saved session is causing the problem.
2) Can I easily bulk remove/fix that problem on all of my sessions?

I assume this is a common issue and I tried to search the forums, but I think my search terms must suck. Sorry if this gets asked a lot.

ekoranyi 10-29-2018 02:59 PM

Hi rchapoteau,

I'm sorry you're having trouble. To get a better understanding of what may be causing the sessions to fail I'll need some additional information. Can you provide a log file of a failed connect attmpt via email.


Please take these steps and send the resulting log to with "Attn: Eric Forum Post 13302" in the subject line.

A YouTube video titled Trace Options Debug Logging in SecureCRT helps demonstrate this process.
  1. Launch SecureCRT and open SecureCRT's main "File" menu and select the "Trace Options" menu item.
  2. Open the "File" menu again and choose "Log Session..."
  3. Specify a path to your Desktop folder and a name of the log file, such as SCRT_Log.txt.
  4. Now attempt your connection again.
  5. When the connection fails, open SecureCRT's "File" menu and look at the "Log Session" menu item. If it has a check-mark next to it, click on it to turn off logging.
  6. Go to your Desktop folder and locate the SCRT_Log.txt file. Please send the SCRT_Log.txt file to me as an attachment to an email. Please don't paste the contents into the body of your message -- please attach it!

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