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gates2010 01-31-2020 05:46 PM

Open SFTP and download the file selected in the ssh2 session
I am hoping to streamline the steps I do, to download the files using sftp via secureCRT. I have come across the "SFTP Tab Automation" where it is set to download a specific file, I am hoping to get an expanded version of it.

If you have a way to do this, please let me know, here are my steps:

1. run pwd to identify file location
2. select file name
3. open sftp tab
4. populate command "get <file location>/<filename>"

I am hoping the script can be updated to automate this as below:
a1. High-light (select) the name of the file I want download
a2. Click the button (button would run steps 1-4 and start the download, use the highlighted/selected text as filename, find the file location using pwd, open the sftp tab and populate the get command).

I am hoping this is feasible in SecureCRT, appreciate your help/guidance in this.

Thank you.

berdmann 02-02-2020 01:06 PM

Hi gates2010,

Have you taken a look at our STFP Tab Automation script example?
The script example demonstrates opening an SFTP tab & programmatically driving a file download.

We do not provide custom scripts, but this example will be a good place for you to start! Let us know if you gave any specific questions after reviewing the script!

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