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Mabus 07-22-2008 10:55 AM

MAJOR Connection Problem
Here's my situation, I have four shell accounts with the same company. The exact same configuration for all four accounts. Different ip's, different login names, same password.

Logging into two of them, logs in without any problem whatsoever. Logging into the other two however, gives enormous headaches.

When I try to SSH in, I get an annoying Keyboard Interactive Authentification popup. If I punch in the password I can log in just fine (although it's a bit of a pain in the neck having to put the password in all the time for these two accounts).

When I try to FTP in, things get even worse however. The Keyboard Interactive Authentification popup appears (just as it does for SSH), but THIS time, When I punch the password in, it stalls. The window remains blank, and the taskbar of SecureFX says "Waiting To Retry Connection". A few seconds later I get the annoying popup again.

Any ideas what's going on here or how to resolve this issue?

The version number is 6.0.2 build 260.

tnygren 07-22-2008 02:48 PM

Hi Mabus,

For the Keyboard Interactive passwords, SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.1 now have an option to be able to save the password for these sessions.

SecureCRT and SecureFX 6.1 are in beta release currently and can be downloaded from this link:

As for the issue with SecureFX, could you send me a log from the connection attempt from SecureFX?

To configure SecureFX to generate a log file:


    1) Open SecureFX and choose Options / Global Options.

    2) Browse to the File Transfer / Options / Advanced
      category in the "Global Options" dialog and enable
      the "Enable log output to file" option.
      Note: If you're using a version of SecureFX earlier
            than version 3.0, this option is located in the
            Options / Advanced category of the Global
            Options dialog.

    3) Specify a filename in the "Log filename" field.  For example:
            C:\Documents and Settings\<your_username>\My Documents\SecureFX.log

    4) Press the "OK" button to close the Global Options dialog.

    5) Attempt the connection to the remote machine and
      perform the steps needed to replicate the problem.

    6) Once the problem occurs, browse to the location of
      the SecureFX log file and send it to us by means of
      an e-mail attachment.

Just send the log to and reference this forum thread (3068).

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