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powerkor 01-07-2015 03:30 PM

WaitForString Timeout
Regarding WaitForString, can you specify a fraction of a second for the timeout, like .5? Is this valid?

bgagnon 01-07-2015 04:20 PM

Hello powerkor,

Not presently. :(

I have added this thread to a feature request in our product enhancement database for the ability to wait for milliseconds in crt.Screen.WaitForCursor and crt.Screen.WaitForString. Should a future release of SecureCRT include this feature, notification will be posted here.

If you prefer direct email notification, contact and include "Feature Request - Forum Thread #11842" in the subject line.

Maureen 11-19-2018 05:18 PM

The ability to specify a timeout value in milliseconds for the script functions WaitForCursor, WaitForKey, WaitForString, and WaitForStrings has been added to a pre-beta version of SecureCRT.

Please email me at if you would be interested in trying it.


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