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davidlsumner 04-01-2021 10:47 AM

Configuration Object GetOption
I am working with the default configuration. I want to be able to read and set some the advanced options. Namely the Authentication Groups. Specifically GSSAPI under SSH2, and the SPN setting under the Advanced section of the GSSAPI Properties window.

Is there a reference for all of the options that can be read and set, and their corresponding names?

Thank you,

cboyack 04-01-2021 11:45 AM

Hi David,

These options are all visible in the Default.ini file. You can locate this file within the Config > Sessions folder. There is no single reference for each of the .ini file options and what they match to, but one can generally find these options within the .ini files themselves.

The path to your configuration (Config) folder can be found in Options > Global Options > Configuration Paths in SecureCRT. The default path is:


For your convenience, I've listed the GSSAPI-linked GUI options, their corresponding .ini-based names that would be used with GetOption and SetOption, and the available values for those options:

Within the SSH2 category of Session Options:
  • SSH2 Authentication (Lists order of authentication, and which ones will actually be attempted - multiple, comma-separated values are allowed)
    SSH2 Authentications V2, password/keyboard-interactive/gssapi/publickey

Within the GSSAPI Properties dialog window:
  • Method:
    GSSAPI Method, auto-detect/gssapi/gss-ms-kerberos
  • Delegation:
    GSSAPI Delegation, none/limited/full
  • [Advanced > >] SPN:
    GSSAPI SPN, host@$(HOST) format

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