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shalom 04-27-2021 10:41 AM

Fail Connecting with Public Key
Hi All,

I'm evaluating SecureCRT and I try to connect using an existing public key.

I've added the public key to the Properties section and everything looks okay. However, I always get a "Connection refused" error when I try to connect to the remote server.
If I use the terminal or a different client such as iTerm I'm able to connect with no issues.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


cboyack 04-27-2021 11:46 AM

Hi shalom,

We have often seen that this issue is caused, not by SecureCRT, but rather, by a firewall, switch, router, etc. between you and the remote system. It may also be a local program that isn't even allowing outbound connections from SecureCRT.

In order to have a better idea as to what exactly SecureCRT is seeing, you might want to enable Trace Options (File > Trace Options) prior to attempting to connect to the remote system via SecureCRT.

What information do you see in the Trace Options log regarding this connection issue?

How does it compare to verbose log output from your successful connections?

This post might also offer some additional insight into the issue you're seeing.

If you do share any of that information here on the forums, please mask any sensitive data.

shalom 04-28-2021 11:04 AM

Hi Cameron,

Thanks a lot for your help!

The output from ssh -v shows that prior to connecting, it reads a configuration file.

The file describes a port different than the good old port 22.

After changing that, I was able to connect.

Thanks again :)

cboyack 04-28-2021 12:01 PM

Hi shalom,

You're very welcome. Good job discovering and resolving that pesky port problem.

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