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Linda 12-11-2020 03:44 PM

How to set background transparency? RFE?
I wanted to make a "log session" that uses a small font, and a transparent background. This is a minimal setup that would allow me to use a white-colored font that would usually show up on a dark-background desktop.

Ideally, as in the program "MPC" (Media-Player Classic) it has subtitle styling that allows putting a differently colored, blurred shadow or outline around a character, so the subtitle show up regardless of background. That would be more idea so the logtext would be visible regardless of background colors.

Some applications have the ability to hide the window-bar at the top of a window (and redisplay via a menu option), or some apps so, only show the bar when you move your cursor near the border of the app. That way, when the log window is just displaying text, you'd see a few-pixel border around the window, with logtext in it, against (what I would hope would be) a dark background, but you'd see the window-bar when you hovered over the top of the text area.

Though, as a first step, having the window be partially transparent can be helpful, but, having the transparency only apply to the background, while supporting full opacity for the the text would be a great first start!


jjh 12-11-2020 05:22 PM

Hi Linda.

Thank you for your feature requests. I have created some entries for you in our feature request database. We will post something here should a version of SecureCRT become available with an autohide feature for the menu bar and toolbar or with the ability to use transparency on just the background of the terminal window. If you would like to be notified via e-mail, please send e-mail to referencing this forum thread.

Thank you


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