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bgagnon 10-30-2019 11:07 AM

How-To: Possibly install SecureCRT on Fedora
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What to do when you have a favorite Linux distro that is not yet officially supported by SecureCRT?

Oftentimes if you are adventurous enough and you don't have any problems running unsupported software on your system and living with any subsequent problems that you might encounter, you might be able to get SecureCRT working.

Below is a set of steps that may help you get SecureCRT installed on Fedora. We hope by providing this "recipe for investigating dependencies" that our customers might apply that to future Fedora versions that are not officially supported by SecureCRT:

Here is a list of the possible commands so you can cut and paste if your experience is similar:

rpm -i scrt-sfx-8.5.4-1942.rhel7-64.x86_64.rpm

dnf whatprovides\(\)\(64bit\)
dnf install -y compat-openssl10-1:1.0.2o-5.fc30.x86_64

dnf whatprovides\(\)\(64bit\)
dnf install -y libpng15-1.5.30-7.fc30.x86_64

dnf whatprovides\(\)\(64bit\)
dnf install -y python2-libs-2.7.16-2.fc30.x86_64


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