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snickered 06-08-2013 06:38 AM

colors for my linux sessions
I've been trying to get colors set using .bashrc in my new Debian 7.0 install but cannot figure it out. I've looked around the forums/google and have tried several combinations of terminal emulation, TERM and PS1 settings but haven't been able to get my PS1 to be a different color than the color I've chosen in "Session Options" -> "Appearance" -> "Current color scheme" (which is "Green / Black").

Does anyone have the perfect combination of these various settings that allows their linux sessions to have different colors for their PS1?


jjh 06-08-2013 09:19 AM

Hello snickered

The color schemes only allow you to specify a foreground and
background color. If you want your prompt to appear a
different color, you would need to enable the ANSI Color
setting for your session. With ANSI Color enabled,
SecureCRT can interpret ANSI Color information coming from
the remote.

To enable ANSI Color for your session, Open your Session
Options to the Terminal \ Emulation category and enable the
"ANSI Color" setting. You can also enable the "Use Color
scheme" setting if you want a combination of your chosen
color scheme and ANSI Color. Depending on how much ANSI
Color information is being sent from the remote, using the
color scheme with ANSI Color might give you color
combinations that aren't that great to look at.

Does this help you?



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