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  1. Welcome to the File Transfer Discussion Forum
  2. Issue with SecureFX or SFTP protocol?
  3. file type
  4. SecureFX: move remote files into folder without downloading them
  5. desired "Paste as" right-click menu option or renaming option during paste
  6. Vcp
  7. SecureFX: Drag and Drop remote files to the desktop
  8. SFX & RFC 959
  9. Multi-homed System
  10. Do you use SFXCL?
  11. Selecting the SSH port number.
  12. Replace Type column by Extension column?
  13. Feature SFX is sorely lacking
  14. SecureFX throughput problem
  15. Problem with PASV and XP SP2?
  16. Suggestion
  17. Problem with SCP
  18. Using pscp to copy files to vshell server with "/" character fails
  19. XP SP2 Firewall and Secure FX v.2.0.4
  20. VCP Command
  21. VCP in batch with password authentication
  22. Can vsftp return error codes?
  23. SSH_FILEXFER_ATTR_BITS in SFTP4 directory listing
  24. SecureFX error
  25. SCP File Transfer
  26. No Transfer Timeout
  27. VShell sftp Failed to stat file; cannot find the file specified
  28. Problem with vcp and vsh between firewalls using Port Address Translation
  29. Connection refused suddenly
  30. How to session configurations
  31. A few questions from a newbie...
  32. Unsticky Properties
  33. Difficulty authenticating for SFTP transfer, with VShell
  34. Problem in authentication while calling 'VCP' in a batch file using 'xp_cmdshell'
  35. SFXCL Quiet Mode
  36. su/sudo via sftp?
  37. Can only use FTP with DOS
  38. VCP Password
  39. VSHELL: Could not start program (scp -t .)
  40. Access to machine?
  41. VCP from USB keychain
  42. Problem sending file with scp
  43. Problems using vcp.exe to send file to vshell server.
  44. User Configuration for SFTP
  45. vshell LS issue using JSCH
  46. Scripting SFTP Root and alias creation
  47. VShell logon problems
  48. Refreshing User/Group List
  49. Open SFTP Client
  50. Problem with FTP over SSH2 using port forwarding
  51. how to tansfer file between Solaris workstation and an FTP server
  52. multiple SFTP root paths
  53. SecureFX failing with OpenSSH
  54. Default options for VCP?
  55. Secure FX / opening Files via FTP
  56. Updated USB flash drive config?
  57. vcp exit codes
  58. Public key location problem in Win XP ( SecureFX )
  59. "No compatible key exchange method" in SecureFX 3.0.3 (build 879)
  60. Secure copy from UNIX to Windows
  61. sftp without prompting for password
  62. Change Directory path on the remote server
  63. perl Net::SFTP on aix system - no luck?
  64. Saved Username keeps going away
  65. kerberized support
  66. sftp get unknown name files
  67. bandwidth limiting
  68. Missing icons in SecureFX 2.1
  69. Connections failing
  70. SecureFX (v3.0.4) resume file bug
  71. SecureFX Keys
  72. Problem with other host for ftp
  73. Issues with connecting to a UNC root path
  74. SFTP connection failures
  75. Changing the IP Address of a VShell Server
  76. can't navigate directories with ";" in directory names
  77. Connection Problem with SFTP
  78. unix vcp to vshell means no aliases?
  79. Automate File Transfer Process
  80. Couple of long-standing probs
  81. automatic file downloading: future request?
  82. file copy to a local dir.
  83. -1 return code while connecting from Linux to VShell Windows(2.3.7)
  84. SCP not closing connection
  85. using sfxcl in IIS application
  86. remote edit not working
  87. Sfxcl crashes when protocol is set to None
  88. SFXCL - uploading & downloading in same session
  89. bug report?
  90. AFT downloading from Remote host
  91. Connect disabled -> doubleclick opens terminal window
  92. SFXCL - Can the command line transfer be used to delete?
  93. SecureFX API?
  94. Strange error when using SecureFX
  95. Syncing with quicksync
  96. How to fine LSA module installed
  97. 10 second delay after listing?
  98. not working after upgrade
  99. control characters problem in file transfer from windows to unix
  100. AS400 Transfer Issue
  101. Total progress indicator uses wrong file size (SecureFX 3.1.0)
  102. 'Copying local files not supported' error
  103. SFTP/SSH to remote disk
  104. Control connection could not be established
  105. Publish Vshell server behind ISA Server
  106. Problems with sfxcl and scheduled tasks
  107. commandline usage
  108. 3rd party SFTP client
  109. Problems with SFXL and scheduled tasks
  110. Can't get DD/MM/YY in remote host
  111. SFTP works 1st time only
  112. Requested feature: Mirroring
  113. corrupt ASCII files when using SSH2/SFTP?
  114. Copy / Move from one directory to another
  115. SecureFX opens multiple connections for transferring multiple files
  116. sftp command documentation
  117. SecureFX - force shell on connection
  118. SFXCL taking long time to Sync and upload.
  119. Data connection 71A33B91 could not be established (10060).
  120. eed help badly - trying to xmodem over SSH2 connection to terminal server
  121. SFTP Connection Error
  122. vcp garbling file
  123. Comparing SFX 3.4 - 4.0
  124. Issue copying directory trees to server
  125. Move command
  126. Need some help with SFTP download speeds
  127. Root Folder - Vshell 2.6.2
  128. SecureFX compression support?
  129. Job Scheduler Problem
  130. Japanese Filenames (SFX + VShell Windows)
  131. SecureFX 4.0.1 Runtime error
  132. SFX 3.1.4 not connecting to win2003 server when using host *name*
  133. Syncing between Windows & Linux
  134. Command Line - Cannot Delete a Specific File
  135. SecureFX and PuTTY
  136. Can VShell Server also sftp files
  137. delay problem with SFXCL
  138. securecrt & securefx use publickey, sfxcl refuses, why?
  139. Preparing for daylight saving time changes in 2007
  140. Help trying to set SecureFX/CRT to multiple profiles.
  141. Problem with wildcards and sfxcl version ?
  142. Connect File Transfer Ghost out
  143. Encryption of data in Secure FX
  144. Close connection in command line tool
  145. Error with command line tool SFXCL.exe
  146. SecureFX and ssh2 keys
  147. .pdf trsnsfer
  148. Moving Quick Connect sessions between PCs
  149. What is a FTP SSL explicit control connection?
  150. Disable transfer of hidden files
  151. SecureFX and SecureCRT Help
  152. SecureFX Maximum entries in window?
  153. Much needed features - multiple bookmarks + multi file transfers
  154. Forced Binary
  155. Control connection
  156. Kerberos Delegation
  157. auto-uploading after remote editing
  158. Feature Request Follow-Up: GUI for SFTP local directory selection
  159. User does not have any roots specified
  160. SFTP using WinSCP
  161. Secure CRT and Secure FX interworking problem
  162. SecureFX feel
  163. SecureFX Commandline question...
  164. Secure FX - Double dot as a parent directory
  165. Optimize VShell/SecureFX SFTP transfer
  166. Blank a receiving file
  167. Cannot connect to session "server.domain" due to configuration problem.
  168. can't rename files on OpenVMS
  169. SFX not transferring full file
  170. Cannot connect using SecureFX
  171. Possible bug when transferring between remote models
  172. How to work with multiple items in transfer window?
  173. group writable uploads not possible with vshelld?
  174. moving Directory structure with files of specific extension
  175. unknown application error: E0000001
  176. sftp automation
  177. Move SecureFX to a new computer
  178. VCP - Log output to a text file
  179. Problem with sftp "get"
  180. SecureFX and Titan FTP Server compatibiltiy
  181. Unable to connect with SecureFX
  182. SFTP performance (
  183. unable to telnet throu crt 5.5
  184. Password for SFTP session
  185. Single-Threading
  186. Timing out transfers....
  187. Resume on x-fers
  188. ftp for cisco routers
  189. Using SFX for both FTP and SFTP
  190. Pesky [Ctrl/Ms]
  191. Password not accepted
  192. Log/Transfer window
  193. Connection Issues
  194. Upgrading SecureFX from 3.1.3 to 4.02
  195. Request - Remote Favorite Folder
  196. FTP SSL Command Line
  197. Session Database Migrate
  198. Flicker on resize
  199. Troubleshooting Transfer Issues
  200. Destructive get
  201. file transfers between dmz networks
  202. Problem with \n when sending file from Unis to Win2003 server
  203. SecureFX Client Locks Up during FTP Transfer
  204. Delete denied over SFTP with VShell 3.0.4 and libssh2
  205. data connection closed abnormally
  206. Ftp/ssl
  207. SFXCL: change remote file modificaiton time?
  208. SFXCL: create remote directory?
  209. vshell denying sudendly all accesses
  210. SecureFX / SecureCRT - logins question
  211. Use of Linux SSH keys for login?
  212. Queue behaviour: how to upload and download at the same time?
  213. How to SFTP files from Windows machine
  214. Automating FTP using SecureFX
  215. Migrate Sessions from AbsoluteFTP to SecureFX
  216. SFXCL and FIPS 140-2 support
  217. How to FTP mainframe file to local drive
  218. Trying to send files
  219. SecureFX 6.1 Beta
  220. SecureFX Directory Listing with File Mask?
  221. Dot files
  222. Transfer single file from MVS dataset
  223. How to use the Private Key for sftp
  224. FTP Failure
  225. How to prevent frequent dir refresh?
  226. Uploading big file
  227. XFER Corrupts PNG Files
  228. Event Log error when running ClientPack SFTP
  229. Tab Sessions in SecureFX 6.1
  230. How to use vcp from Windows with Vshell to Unix with OPEN SSH
  231. sending files fr Unix to Vshell server with network share
  232. zmodem between two CRT instances
  233. SCP option in SecureFX
  234. OS/400 date format
  235. SFX 6.1.0: directory dropdown font changes
  236. Trying to download files
  237. Session Tabs in SecureFX.
  238. Get messy code use Fx in window when connect to linux
  239. Error Code 10054
  240. SFTP root is not /
  241. Installation problem, wants location of previous database
  242. Secure FX Crashed during the file transfer
  243. SecureFX FTPS (SSL) Issues
  244. Raw data (hex to binary) transfer to serial port
  245. The process exit code was "-536870884"
  246. A couple of issues after upgrading...
  247. Secure FX and Cisco Switch/Router
  248. Can add a "sort indicator" on "Column bar"?
  249. Set Initial Remote Directory
  250. Problems with wild cards VShell on Windows 2008 server