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  1. Welcome to the Scripting Discussion Forum
  2. Basic automated login script (BigBand 12k)
  3. MessageBox Popup Script to Display Information
  4. Interfacing with VBScripts
  5. Batch wrapper for vsh and vsftp
  6. Controlling several sessions in parrallel.
  7. Piloting securecrt from outside (vbs/vb6).
  8. Using a wildcard in a script
  9. crt.Session.Log
  10. crt.session.Connect timeout value
  11. How to send strings containing double quotes
  12. Telnet Script
  13. how to close SecureCRT in a script
  14. Native Perl code (Net::SSH::W32Perl) and Windows Vshell server
  15. crt.Session.Name
  16. Variable per-user login script paths
  17. piping a generated file into the telnet session
  18. C# Script Engine
  19. Integer to String
  20. file.readline
  21. Get a string
  22. How to get the "WScript.ScriptFullName"
  23. right click and open url?
  24. dialup script hangs.
  25. Reading the Hostname with a script
  26. Backing up Cisco Configs via TFTP free scripts.
  27. Saving in directory
  28. Getting Columes and Rows
  29. Telnet login script
  30. Subnetting in vbscript
  31. Info on Scripts for SecureCrt
  32. Share Switch Version Script
  33. how to send leftkey or rightkey?
  34. Use crtr.sleep
  35. How do I send a shift character.
  36. A tricky one - Script starting excel with macro
  37. Multiple Sessions
  38. script to just pass login info
  39. VBScript question
  40. Newbie needs help getting started.
  41. SFXCL - I need help to conditionally delete
  42. Script for telnet autoresponse...
  43. logon script with parms
  44. Perl OLE, SecureCRT and Me
  45. Telnet to a specific port
  46. password encryption & scripts
  47. Pasting clipboard contents with VBS
  48. Scripting SecureFX
  49. having some problems with perl scripting
  50. Running SecureCRT with a script
  51. Backspace
  52. Ability to "restore" windows .. question/request
  53. Noob Question
  54. scripting remote folder creation
  55. Sending ctrl+(key)
  56. SFXCL Quiet mode
  57. Send the IP and a username to a server
  58. Sending The F5 Key ?
  59. sending carriage return
  60. Change cursor position
  61. Using MS Windows Variables in .INI files
  62. accessing excel
  63. Output from form is one long ugly string -- help
  64. trying to access an access db
  65. crt.Session.Disconnect hangs
  66. Script to send ip address
  67. Running PERL script
  68. Using the Windows CommonDialog Control
  69. trying to read what is in telnet window.
  70. Backup Cisco VPN concentrator free script
  71. Running SecureCRT from Access
  72. ProgID
  73. help connecting to an array of servers with secureCRT
  74. help with session.log
  75. Can't loop through IPs in a text file
  76. Non-Modal MessageBox and Prompt
  77. Menu Improvements. and Call_Module.vbs failure
  78. Need Script to initiate new tabbed session
  79. Simulate sending Fkey tied to another script
  80. Backup PIX via SSH instead of telnet
  81. using html links to telnet:// and run script.
  82. Newb Question on O&M
  83. SecureCRT Object documentation
  84. Stoping a script from a dialog
  85. SecureFX - passing password in script
  86. Multiple sessions, multiple logs?
  87. where can I get more example?
  88. Menu Builder for the Community.
  89. Dropping Characters
  90. About secureCRT window's properities.
  91. sfxcl return value 0 on failure?
  92. Convert .csf to .vsb
  93. Binary SFTP Issue
  94. running vbscript on several sessions at once
  95. Find option
  96. Why the circle is wrong ?
  97. CRT Scripting
  98. debuging tool ?
  99. How to make the Screen Echo faster ?
  100. Is there any way to encode the script ?
  101. Is there a way you can emulate the space bar?
  102. Appending data to an existing file
  103. Controlling/Communicating with CRT from an external application?
  104. SSL connection in ASP
  105. VBScript to delete profile
  106. sending commands to two screens
  107. executing .csf files
  108. sfxcl not work in Task Scheduled (SYSTEM accaunt)
  109. crt.Sleep for 30 minutes
  110. Can this software support other language?
  111. Running a script thru a session.Connect call
  112. Log Problem (crt.session.log False)
  113. Cisco telnet to devices in .txt file
  114. New to SFTP scripting
  115. WaitForString
  116. Sessions Help
  117. Passing value into logon script
  118. Debugging vb scripts
  119. Closing Excel
  120. newbie question
  121. Reflect a Remote Input Box
  122. Newbie question
  123. Script That Presents User With Options For Input
  124. Loggin always in OVERWRITE
  125. Close CRT when finish
  126. Information on securecrt.exe
  127. 2 questions: expect & shell scripting
  128. check if logging is on
  129. Renaming a tab from a script
  130. Connect with SecureCRT using the SSH1 protocol
  131. Multiple Login to routers SSH1
  132. Problem connecting with sfxcl
  133. Vbs Print Mapping
  134. Scripting Help!
  135. Microsoft JScript runtime error
  136. Trouble executing SecureCRT ActiveX Scripting Objects from Excel Visual Basic
  137. Get a string in realtime logging.
  138. SecureCRT scripting
  139. Does the CRT support Arabic Characters?
  140. Logging on to Multiple Devices with .vbs
  141. Open a new session tab
  142. Focus of secureCRT Session
  143. Backup script
  144. Synchronising output from Cisco Devices
  145. Determine state of logging
  146. crt.Session.Connect hangs
  147. crt.quit - immediately action
  148. script for telnet
  149. Security in Session INI files
  150. VB.NET and SecureCRT
  151. automated script
  152. jscript
  153. Send email & Close external program
  154. error handling during crt.session.connect
  155. SSH Using SecureCRT - Automate login
  156. Using login scripts to automate logons
  157. Unix script for telnet
  158. session.connect script issue using Tabs/Multi-Session
  159. Scheduled SecureCRT Tasks for SSH
  160. Starting Multiple Sessions in Different Directories
  161. Sending Keys to the screen
  162. SecureCRT Logging
  163. Calling a sub
  164. Connect to telnet via HTA using secureCRT
  165. Minor Logging Pitfalls and How to Work-Around
  166. Basic SSH Authentication Script
  167. clear screen and buffer
  168. Sending control chracters in vbs
  169. using windows variables within perl scripting
  170. Setting up aliases?
  171. Writing to external file
  172. VBS: Trying to create new session in a new tab
  173. help with telnet script
  174. Active by windowtitle
  175. Log session
  176. conect to a cisco from command line
  177. How to send CTRL-] in VBS
  178. Can you pass a parm to a script using MENUITEM?
  179. script to new session
  180. setting up custom menus
  181. Need help with Telnet scripting
  182. sending to tabs
  183. crt.session properties/methods
  184. Executing script synchronously
  185. Exploring Strange and Obscure Corners of CRT.Session.Log
  186. cisco rtr config update
  187. .CSF Scripts, any documentation?
  188. Problem in restoring the minimized IE windows
  189. Get a string in realtime logging part 2
  190. logging in script
  191. setting scrollback buffer
  192. open multiple session as tabs in one SecureCRT window
  193. Scripting User's Guide
  194. Script to connect to saved SSH sessions / configs?
  195. Within a SSH connection...
  196. VB Script Help
  197. script recording macro
  198. Scripting Commands to Cisco Servers
  199. Is it possible to use SecureFX with Visual Basic or VB.net?
  200. waiting for different prompts
  201. Running a script prior to connection
  202. Executing SFXCL within VBScript and a Scheduled task
  203. VBS Script Help: Windows Script Host startup error
  204. Need help detecting prompt without breaking autocomplete
  205. help with script
  206. Script to connect to a AP using SSH1.........
  207. script debug
  208. Session name with spaces
  209. [Help]Quit SecureCRT automatically by script
  210. gather info script
  211. adding right click dialog?
  212. best way to handle disconnect using waitforstrings?
  213. Setting the time in a script
  214. Adding a perl script to task scheduler
  215. Not reinventing the wheel - dial up script
  216. Simple?
  217. Low toner script to write to text file
  218. Change the bckground color via activex?
  219. Dialog box: Enter password
  220. Timer ability
  221. disable users in active directory
  222. Sending a message to a pager
  223. Rename Tab
  224. Logon Script Help
  225. crt.Screen.WaitForString to wait for multiple strings?
  226. Logon Script help.
  227. Lost Characters
  228. Count the number occurence of a string in the buffer?
  229. What for line which contains one of the characters
  230. Pros and cons for using ActivePerl in CRT
  231. how to get and parse current selection?
  232. How do I change this script to save to another folder
  233. script arguments
  234. Script to telnet to one device and then on another device
  235. How to import ip address into vbs script?
  236. SecureCRT Session INI format.
  237. drive space notification
  238. WaitForString("#", 10) don't match
  239. List of crt functions?
  240. [Help]How can two script operate one file?
  241. Sending a keystroke with sendkeys
  242. creating a logfile
  243. Advice on Parsing
  244. [Help]How can use WSH in SecureCRT?
  245. get(), get2(), and readstring()
  246. SecureCRT multiple SSH2 sessions open at the same time
  247. Script in PHP - Anyone tried this yet?
  248. wait or pause with .bat scripts
  249. creating a logfile for the output in the screen
  250. Reading variables from .csv or .txt file